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I'm Sophie Thomas

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My Background

Sophie is a neurodivergent mother of three, late diagnosed with autism / ADHD/ dyspraxia 18 months ago, as was her now 9 year old son.

She lives in Dubai, and until 18 months ago had spent 20 years in the corporate world of strategy consulting and professional services.

During her career she moved from client facing strategy work to internally to set up her firms strategy and projects team, before volunteering to be interim CIO and then Interim CHRO. She was known for being a problem solver, a people leader, a high performer and an advocate for opportunity.

In 2022, she left the corporate world to set up her own company, The Growth Pod, which helps passion and purpose led entrepreneurs harness their creativity and their uniqueness to create successful growth strategies or their business.

Like her, many of her clients are also neuro diverse, and part of her new mission in life is to advocate for neuro-diversity both in the corporate and the entrepreneurial world.

She's recently qualified as an #IamRemarkable facilitator, helping individuals from under represented groups self promote and advocate for their own achievements and strengths


Business Coaching

The Growth Pod supports passion and purpose led entrepreneurs to grow their businesses profitably.

Sophie brings 20 years of corporate strategy consulting expertise, tools and frameworks to entrepreneurs whose businesses will make a positive change in their communities.

She offers one-to-one coaching, group courses, online courses and a downloadable toolbox for anyone that wants to create a successful and profitable growth strategy for their business

Ask me about:

  • Long and short term goal setting, targets and performance management
  • Defining growth roadmaps and strategic plans
  • Customer experience and journeys
  • Operations and improvement in business fundamentals
  • Technology enablement

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Neuro-Diversity Advocacy and Support

Sophie is a late diagnosed, neurodivergent individual. Both she and her son were diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and dyspraxia in 2021, and have been on a celebratory journey of their super powers ever since.

Sophie is passionate about helping others to articulate their super powers, and to advocate for themselves and their needs in a world designed for the neuro-typical majority.

She enjoys working with parents of recently diagnosed children to create a celebratory and enabling mindset that will help them thrive at home and in school.

Sophie works with organizations around the world to create inclusion strategies for their neurodivergent populations, including workplace accommodations, values and culture, performance management and pastoral care practices.

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Female Empowerment and Mentoring

Sophie is passionate about empowering young women to develop differentiated skills that enable them to achieve their dreams.

She is a founding member of "Project Accelerate" which works with young women from disadvantaged and impoverished backgrounds, to find professional development opportunities and receive personal coaching that will empower them to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.

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#I Am Remarkable Facilitator

#IAmRemarkable is a global movement that empowers everyone, including under-represented groups, to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond while challenging the social perception around self-promotion.

Sophie is a volunteer facilitator for #IAmRemarkable workshops. Reach out to her to schedule a workshop where you and your teams can learn about the importance of self-promotion in your personal and professional life and learn ways to increase your comfort and confidence in this skill.

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How I can help you

I'm all about impact and outcomes in everything i do. Here's how i create impact

Business coaching

I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs working to live not living to work. If you want your business to reach it's potential and give you the lifestyle you've dreamed of head over to the Growth pod to find about more about 1-2-1 and group coaching packages and our regular workshops and events

Corporate Strategy and Operating Models

With 20 years in the Corporate Strategy world, working for some of the leading strategy firms, as well as big 4, across the world / GCC and across industry, I'm a seasoned professional that can help you and your Executive teams develop a creative, competitive and executionable growth strategy

Neurodivergence inclusion & advocacy

As a late diagnosed autistic / ADHD woman I can bring unique and practical insight to your organizations conversations and strategies on inclusion and talent. I can facilitate working groups, leadership conversations, inclusion strategy development, diverse skill programmes and CSR initiatives

Empowerment and


I'm passionate about empowering everyone from under represented groups, and love volunteering my time to train individuals on the benefits of self promotion and articulating their achievements.

Contact me if you would like me to hold an #IAmRemarkable workshop for your employees

Public Speaking

I've been on an incredible journey in the last 20 years I have worked with some of the world's largest companies, led and executed strategy for the fastest growing professional services firm in the Middle East, juggled motherhood and a C Suite career, discovered my true authentic neurodivergence self, parented a neurodiverse child, developed my advocacy platform and left the security and success in the corporate world to follow my passions, purpose and values.

I've been a great leader in the professional world, and now I'm blazing a trail in the entrepreneurial world too, while staying true to my self and my values

If can provide motivational and inspiring talks for your teams, schools, or informal groups, and topics I cover include :

  • harnessing your super powers,
  • delivering exponential impact inclusively,
  • leadership skills in a diverse world
  • ideation and creativity
  • building high performing teams
  • creating outstanding customer experience for a diverse audience

Contact me to find out more

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+971 55 934 9576

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